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How we work​

We supply a wide range of services to organisations with exposure to road safety risk – not just those for whom transporting goods or people is their core business, or those responsible for operating and managing the road network, but also organisations, large and small, which have to travel by road in the course of conducting their business.


We work to understand our clients and their road safety problems and then apply the relevant consultancy expertise – the most effective way of working is when we are regarded as a specialist extension of your in house team. Anyone undertaking work on behalf of the network, whether an individual or an organisation commits to adhering to our Code of Conduct . The full code is available here, but basically what it says is:


“Our consultants only act in our clients’ best interests, and recommend only the solutions that actually address the operational problems of that client.”


  • Not a standard package
  • Not a solution that maximises benefit to the Network
  • Just the solution that maximises benefit to the client
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