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Safety Leadership

The Transafe Network has extensive experience of working across multiple sectors giving us a unique insight into these issues across high risk safety critical environments, and the part played by each of these elements in successful safety performance. Our clients include highway authorities, engineering contractors, emergency services and the oil and gas industry.

We can help you determine the underlying risks to your safety performance and then improve the situation. Support available includes:


Safety Leadership

“In order to produce the results required from on high, people take shortcuts and even deviate from best practice…” 

Professor Andrew Hopkins



  • Assessments of the existing practices

  • Training for leaders to develop an understanding of how the entirety of their decisions and actions – even in areas not related to safety – have an effect on safety

  • Mentoring of senior leaders on a regular basis using the “critical friend” model to provide challenge and development of effective safety leadership strategies.


Safety Culture

“Culture change, if it is to mean anything at all, emanates from the top. The leadership of a company must put in place systems to ensure it is getting the behaviour it wants. It is not cheap, nor is it easy, but it works. The fashion for “safety culture”, insofar as it relies on a campaign for hearts and minds, is at best wishful thinking and at worst a thinly disguised version of the blame-the-worker strategy which we’ve been combatting for years.” 

Professor Andrew Hopkins


  • Assessments of your safety culture using interviews and/or computerised surveys, with a focus on leadership issues

  • Development Planning to move your safety culture from where it is to where you want it to be.

Safety Communications Programmes
  • Development and implementation of programmes for safety communication, getting the messages to your workforce in a credible and effective form.

Business Planning for Safety/Project Planning for Safety
  • Workshops on how to recognise and mitigate potential safety side effects during the project planning process

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Saul Jeavons - The Transafe Network
Saul Jeavons - The Transafe Network
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