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Community Road Safety

Community Road Safety is an area in which we have considerable expertise in a variety of different countries, climates, and cultures. We have been involved in a wide variety of publicly funded projects, as well as advising corporate clients on the best programmes for Corporate Social Responsibility activity.

  • Community road safety awareness

Community road safety projects can offer fast return benefits from an operational safety perspective, and long-term benefits as a social investment initiative creating safer future employees.


  • Behavioural Change Techniques

We have developed policy and manuals on effective Behaviour Change techniques for corporate clients and public authorities, and work closely with academics in this field.


  • Stakeholder dialogue and engagement

Even effective programmes can be undermined by inadequate stakeholder engagement with target populations. We are experienced in listening, assessing, and developing approaches to bring stakeholders to a supportive and engaged position. 


  • Development of Publicity Programmes

Whether developing in-house publicity materials for an organisation, a publicity strategy for a national highway authority, or an evaluation of your own publicity programme, we can share successful case studies of our previous work. 


  • Road Safety Education

Properly evaluated road safety education, looking at outcomes rather than outputs can be difficult to find - fortunately, we don't do any other type.


  • Risk Assessment of On-Site Activities

Communities can be a great asset to road safety practitioners but with that comes a duty of care for staff and volunteers. We can not only conduct risk assessments on your behalf, but our Risk Assessment Courses are used by the London Road Safety Council and Road Safety GB to train road safety practitioners in the techniques required to conduct their own.


For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Saul Jeavons - The Transafe Network
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