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We offer a wide range of training services. These fall into two broad categories:


Professional Training

These training programmes are to support and develop professional competence among fellow safety professionals.


Examples include:

  • Risk Assessment Training delivered to UK Local Authorities

  • Incident Investigation Training delivered to police, public authorities and private sector representatives

  • Training in Traffic Management and Safety Audit delivered to police clients

  • Courses on how to engage with specific road user groups like motorcyclists

  • Training in the delivery of Road Safety Education to national and local government in a number of countries

  • Root Cause Analysis training delivered to Health and Safety professionals


Safety Training

These training programmes are to support and develop safety competencies among workforces.


Examples include:

  • Driver awareness seminars for company drivers

  • Driver Safety event days

  • Safe Roadside Working courses for consulting engineers


For a full list of current off-the-shelf courses or to discuss specific training requirements, please contact us.

Saul Jeavons - The Transafe Network
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