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Work Related Road Safety

Our approach is to:

  • Identify the scale and nature of your occupational road risk issues

  • Put in place the measures to address them

  • Supply ongoing review and support for continuous improvement.


That means analysing and understanding what's actually happening in your organisation and addressing that with something effective, not a one size fits all or product led approach.


We’ve worked in 40 countries around the world with leading companies and public sector organisations to help them tackle road safety issues in the ways which work best for them.


Our services include:


  • Operational Risk Analysis


Analysis of your operation, or management of change within that operation (such as expansion of operations, new contractors, acquisition of another company) is critical in determining likely risks and applying appropriate mitigation before they result in incidents.


  • Policies and Procedures – Development and Auditing


Having the right policies and procedures in place is necessary - but it's not sufficient. We develop pragmatic and effective systems and then audit to make sure they are working as intended.


We can audit against internal standards, industry standards such as IOGP 365, or against ISO 39001 (Road Traffic Safety).



A PAR team would typically consist of a Transafe Network specialist as team leader, accompanied by up to three staff members from the client. Sometimes referred to as a "soft audit", this supportive approach can be highly effective as a means of engaging positively with contractors and subcontractors.


  • Incident Investigation

    • Forensic Collision Investigation

    • Root Cause Analysis

    • Thematic Collision Investigation

    • Training in Investigative Techniques

    • Police Liaison when your organisation is under investigation


  • Driver Training


Driver training comes in many forms of varying effectiveness. Depending on your risk profile we can undertake programme development and delivery, on-road assessment and training, driver event days and Safer Driving Workshops, even Speed Awareness Courses for employees who have already acquired penalty points.


  • Fatigue Management Programmes


Impaired judgement from tiredness or fatigue increases risk to levels similar to alcohol impaired drivers. Our approach looks not only at driving, working and break times, but also at issues such as driver nutrition, management practices and return to work from illness or parental leave.


  • Drug and Alcohol Impairment Programmes


We can provide everything from policy and procedural development to random testing, "for cause" testing, or training for supervisors to recognise the signs of drug impairment, even if the main issue is prescrition drugs or over the counter medication.


  • Risk Management Reviews


A holistic view of all your occupational road safety risks and the mitigation measures in place to address them, which creates a Risk Score Card to assist with future monitoring.


  • Vehicle specification and operation issues


Specifying the right vehicle for the job with the right ancillary equipment is essential to being able to use the vehicle effectively. Equally, changing job roles or operating conditions can lead to issues with vehicles already in operation.


  • Stress Management and Trauma Awareness


Our Stress Management Programme was developed to enable clients to support a workforce in often stressful working conditions but has been successfully adapted to be of benefit to the workforce more widely.


Our Trauma Awareness Course is suitable for anyone who may be exposed to traumatic situations in the course of their work, from emergency services to Traffic Officers, Incident Support Units and road work operatives.


For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Saul Jeavons - The Transafe Network
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