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Peer Assist Reviews (PARS)

The objective of a PAR is to provide a risk assessment of the current status of entire corporate road transport operations (within a country of operations or a specific geographical area) regarding compliance to corporate and national safety standards, and identify those gaps which are not addressed, or inadequately addressed. Additional, realistic controls are recommended. Findings are presented to, and discussed with, the client’s management team, prior to a concise written report being issued.


A PAR team would typically consist of a Transafe Network specialist as team leader, accompanied by up to three staff members from the client’s management/supervisory team (possibly senior staff members from the HSE, and logistics/transportation functions).


Typical topics and activities examined in a PAR include:
  • All vehicle operations-passenger, materials, owned or sub-contracted

  • Vehicle maintenance / inspection

  • Driver and supervisory competencies

  • Driver behaviour on the road

  • Corporate Road safety documentation and compliance ‘on the ground”

  • Effectiveness of current road transportation controls

  • Systems in place: e.g. Safe Journey Management, night driving controls

  • Incident investigations and reporting depth of investigation, are all the learning points being extracted and cascaded?

  • HSE road transport data management and performance reporting, KPIs to measure improvements


Transafe Network PARs have included:
  • Russia: Moscow, city-based passenger fleet

  • Russia: Siberia, crude tanker operations, drilling and production logistics support

  • Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria, Western Desert production facilities

  • Libya: drilling and seismic operations; port logistics

  • Saudi Arabia: Riyadh, Al-Khobar, Empty Quarter, exploration and production logistics

  • Oman: Logistics operations throughout the countries oil fields

  • Iran: Tehran-based passenger fleet, and Asaluyeh - planned logistical support for new production facilities 

  • Uganda: exploration logistics review for onshore operations

  • Bangladesh: production logistics review for onshore operations

  • Kenya: seismic operations and exploration logistics review for onshore operations

  • Ghana: production logistics review in support of offshore operations

  • Algeria: exploration logistics review for onshore operations



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Peer Assist Review
Peer Assist Review
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