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We need to talk...

If things aren't right, you need to talk about them. If you're struggling with stress or a mental health issue for example, we know that it helps to talk. So why don't we talk more about the things we need to change professionally?

Superb work is being done by police Forensic Collision Investigators and Senior Investigating Officers up and down the UK, but there are limits to what they can do - limits to their time, limits to their remit, even limits to their powers. At a point where we need to reduce road deaths further, we need to start talking about doing something different.

So when The Transafe Network were asked to take part in the "Time to ZERO in" podcast series for road safety charity BRAKE! we were happy to have a discussion about collision investigation. Saul Jeavons talked about how it works in the public sphere and in the private sector, and about how things might be done differently in the UK - namely the establishment of a UK Road Collision Investigation Branch uniquely placed to learn lessons and focus on prevention.

You can listen to the BRAKE! podcast by clicking on this image:

And you can dowload our report for the RAC Foundation by clicking on this image:


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