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Getting well ARRMed for the battles ahead

Road Safety isn't getting any easier as an industry. Whilst there are an array of technological fixes on the horizon from self driving cars to artificial intelligence, these are not without their own issues and some will not provide a solution for some time in the developing countries where some of our biggest road safety challenges lie. Add to that the fact that in developed nations most of the "low hanging fruit" has already been harvested - making big reductions in casualties ever more difficult - and the need to working both Smarter AND Harder is more real than ever.

Which is why we are supporting the new Association for Road Risk Management (ARRM) and why I have joined its Council of Management. Over the 25 years I have worked in road safety, the role of professional bodies has changed. Whereas in my early days, attending physical meetings was often the only way to gain access to technical updates, now we have websites, blogs, webinars, email newsletters and an array of ways of accessing the same information. However one thing has remained constant, and that is that the networks made through those professional bodies are key to knowing who to go to for assistance or ideas when an issue presents itself, and that whether a generalist or operating within a highly specialised niche, there is always more to be learned, and more to be gained by working across disciplines rather than in narrow silos. As well as gaining technical knowledge and soft skills, I've been headhunted twice in my career and on both occassions it was because I'd come to someone's attention through my involvement in a professional body.

Now more than ever we need that exchange of knowledge and expertise, discussion of what works and what doesn't, and an opportunity to develop our professional skills. ARRM presents an excellent opportunity for road safety professionals to tackle the challenges ahead - and until the end of the year, signing up for membership is FREE at Sign up now, you've nothing to lose.


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