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Paddy Tyson

Paddy Tyson has a long history of involvement in road safety. Experienced in logistics and haulage, he has a particular interest in motorcycle safety, with exceptional insight into a wide cross-section of segments of P2W users, from scooter riders though commuters and leisure riders to those for whom motorcycling is a way of life. Former Campaigns Manager at the Motorcycle Action Group, he has a background in teaching and lecturing (Psychology, Marketing, Sociology, Political Activism) including at the University of East London.


Ten years running a rapid distribution company gave Paddy a very personal interest in road safety issues. He has since not only worked as a motorcycle instructor but has sat as a representative of riders on numerous government and industry committees and working parties, including the DVSA committee considering changes to the UK Motorcycle Testing regime. 


Projects in Asia, Southern and East Africa, North and Central America have given Paddy a good grounding in operational safety in developing countries.


Paddy is Editor of Overland Magazine, an international publication dedicated to motorcycle travel and Director of Overland Events Ltd.


He has an excellent track record in communication and engagement with motorcyclists and safety professionals alike from a position of true credibility as a journalist, columnist and public speaker.  


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Paddy Tyson

(+44) 0207 112 7036

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