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The 2020 Vision initiative is all about being able to see clearly.


We all know that 20/20 eyesight gives you a good standard of visual acuity – so what does 2020 Vision aim to do? The initiative encourages organisations to make 2020 the year they initiate action to improve the way they tackle road safety. It will help you to:


  • See clearly what the road safety issues are

  • See clearly what you can do about them, and

  • Set clear targets for where you want your actions to take you over the short to medium term

  • Take action to improve


Whether you already have a comprehensive plan in place and want to sign up to keep focus on your key performance indicators, know you have issues but don’t know where to start, or feel you are already where you want to be but want to make sure you don’t slip, getting involved in 2020 Vision can help you.


The initiative has 4 stages


1. Baseline Review


Identify and quantify road safety issues your organisation needs to address


2. Action Plan


Identify Priorities for Change.


Identify the Critical Success Factors needed to make that change happen.


Set Key Performance Indicators and SMART Objectives in 2020 that you can achieve by a set target date.


3. Implement Plan


Implement the Action Plan whilst monitoring and measuring.


4. Ongoing Review


Continue to measure progress, identify new issues and opportunities for control.


You may decide to undertake some of these stages yourself, or do so with support from The Transafe Network (an initial consultation and advice session is Free) - the important thing is that you take action. The initiative is designed to work for organisations from Fleet Operators reducing risk and cost to Local Authorities looking to fulfil their statutory obligations, and can even be used as a step towards ISO 39001 Certification.






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